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The Recruiting CodeWith so many colleges out there and so many more athletes looking to play in college, how can you find your way to your dream school and have the opportunity to compete for four more years? If only you could have all the pieces of the recruiting process laid out in an easy to follow format.

What you need is a product that is not trying to sell you on signing up for their services. That is what you will get in this new book. All the information you need can be at your fingertips. The Recruiting Code will help you understand the different types of colleges and their athletic programs. It will give you the tools to be proactive in the recruiting process. Finally, it will assist you in understanding scholarships, loans, and other financial aid issues.

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“The Recruiting Code is a must read for any athlete or their parents who are interested in playing sports in college. This book does a great job of unlocking some of the mysteries of the recruiting process and includes great information for the athlete and the parents. This is the first book I’ve seen that includes tips as to the parents role in the whole process. If you have an athlete that may be interested in playing in college, read this early and it will help, and if you have a senior it will still help!” – David

“Awesome info, breaks everything down, and keeps it real without giving false hope, yet encourages at the same time. Loved it!”- Dennis

“Great book! A “must have” for parents of high school students.” – Linda

“Speaking as a former college coach, former college player, and former sales rep for a third party college recruiting service; I give my highest review for The Recruiting Code. Bryan has a wealth of information written for the student athlete and parents alike. As a club soccer coach, I know a lot about the recruiting process but the problem is having the time to share all I know outside of my other duties as a coach. This provides a framework I can share to get players started and then my conversations can guide with more fruitfulness. Recruiting is a numbers game, this book helps players work the numbers game in their favor, so long as their play on the field can do the talking!” – Todd

“I sure wish we could have picked up your book sooner. It would have saved us many hours of research. My daughter has been on a soccer club team for 8 years. The team has done well and has traveled as far as Orlando and Las Vegas. Since the showcase events have not provided any college prospects yet, we picked up your book to ensure we were covering all the bases. While we were familiar with most of the topics, we did discover new information as well as some very insightful opinions. I also was surprised that you provided a quick and detailed response to my daughter’s follow up question.” – Gary

“I found this book to be very well-written and helpful. Mr Drotar lays everything out for you in easy to read language with step by step instructions on how to help your child get recruited. I’ve given the book to both of my kids to read so they can get started. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!” – Katie

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  • How do you send an email to the college I want to go. For example I’m itntrested to emailing colleges like Duke, Georgia Southern, Xavier, and also Notre Dame

    • Julian,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to take a bit of time and give you a meaningful answer.
      The email should be short. You don’t need to include your life history. Include 3 short paragraphs.

      Begin the email by addressing the coach by name.

      The first paragraph should introduce who you are, where you are from, academic GPA, test scores, club and high school team information. Keep it brief.

      The second paragraph is very important. It should include information that makes it very clear to the coach that this was not a spam email (one to every coach in the country). You would not believe how many emails coaches receive from players that are more like spam than one written by an interested athlete. Include something about the school or program that is very specific (call the school and coach by name) and why you are interested in their team.

      The third paragraph should detail what events you will be at and where to find a video (the link) if you have one on YouTube. You should follow up the email by filling out the recruiting questionnaire, found on a team’s homepage, so they are sure you are interested in their school and they have all the information they require.



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