Gary Seiler said,

“Coach Bryan,

I sure wish we could have picked up your book sooner. It would have saved us many hours of research. My daughter has been on a soccer club team for 8 years. The team has done well and has travelled as far as Orlando and Las Vegas. Since the showcase events have not provided any college prospects yet, we picked up your book to ensure we were covering all the bases. While we were familiar with most of the topics, we did discover new information as well as some very insightful opinions. I also was surprised that you provided a quick and detailed response to my daughter’s follow up question.Thank you for your help!”


Trey & Christal Moore said,

“I wish we would have had this information when my daughter was going through the recruiting process.  Knowledge is the key in this process and Bryan provides the questions to ask and also the answers to listen for. The recruiting  process should be an exciting time for the athlete in your family as well as for the family itself.  I can tell you  through our personal experience  that this will also be a scary time.  You will be hit from every angle with sales pitches, contacts from recruiting companies, and downright lies.  This recruiting guide will help you ask the right questions and filter out the “hot air.”  I highly recommend it to all athletes and parents (Let’s face it: at 17 or 18 years old, our children still need our input).

I can tell you that Bryan truly cares about the kids and their best interests. He will guide you through the myths and the labeling of different scholarships and teach you that at the end of the day, the real question is “How much is coming out of my pocket?” (not what the scholarship is labeled).  My daughter had many options coming out of high school. The recruiting process was exciting for her and a little intimidating at the same time. Bryan was one of the coaches recruiting her and the best compliment I can give him is that I trusted him with my daughter. He cared and it showed. The guide he wrote and the book is from his heart. I encourage you to allow him to help you through this most exciting time in your child’s life and in your life.  It is truly worth the read and investment. Good luck and congratulations on making it this far!”


James Carter said,

“Hannah moved to Tulsa in fall of 2011 after living in Northern California for 3 years.  She had good success with her teams there and played soccer at smaller rural high schools. She moved away her senior year to attend Tulsa Union high school.  union is a large highly competitive program at a national level. It was hard for Hannah to break into the program there moving in as a total stranger to a already very solid team. But nevertheless Hannah did make the squad.  She also participated In club soccer for the tulsa hurricane soccer club under the head coach of Tulsa university’s women’s soccer program. They traveled and participated in various tournaments.  One such tournament was one at Little Rock Arkansas.  There she caught the eye of several recruiters and one being coach Bryan Drotar at the university of the Ozarks.  Hannah was excited and we took a trip to visit the campus and met with coach Bryan.  A very memorable thing coach Drotar told Hannah was that he thought she was a diamond in the rough.   I’m not sure Hannah saw that in herself. Long story short Hannah made a decision to play for coach Drotar at Ozarks.  She grew each year as a player and worked hard in the summers back in Tulsa playing in 7v7 and indoor leagues with other college soccer players both women and men.  Her junior year saw remarkable progress.   Hannah was honored with American southwest conference all conference honors.

We are so very happy coach Drotar was able to see that diamond in the rough.  Hannah’s confidence has exploded and her desire for the game has only grown stronger.   Her experience her senior year at Tulsa Union had depleted her confidence some and with the mentorship of her club coach in Tulsa and coach Drotar especially, Hannah’s love for the game was restored and most importantly her self confidence was renewed.

We are so very happy that coach Drotar was in recruiting mode during that cold January 2012 saturday in Little Rock.”


Robert Tralmer said,

“My daughter had a very rewarding college soccer career. This was due to her finding a soccer home that was a good fit for her. It is much more than just finding an open roster spot. I credit the guidance and mentoring of Bryan. Bryan’s knowledge of and experience with college soccer were invaluable in helping our family through the process.”


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