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College coaches won't know you are alive until you tell them.

You have the talent to play in college but it's hard to get coaches to notice you. NOTICE ME is an easy to follow guide you can use to get college coaches to recruit you. College. Recruiting. Easy.

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Fewer than 7% of high school athletes will play in college. Only 2% will receive an athletic scholarship. You can make your college dreams come true, but not until coaches start calling. Getting college coaches to call you shouldn’t be complicated, doesn’t have to be expensive, and isn’t a guessing game.

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7 weeks of work toward your dream. Think of it like preseason.

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Customized coaching plus 7 week online course. Begin realizing your future today.

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The Recruiting CodeWith so many colleges out there and so many more athletes looking to play in college, how can you find your way to your dream school?

This book provides you with all the pieces of the recruiting process laid out in an easy to follow format.