Notice Me Guide


I want to be a college athlete.

Get a Plan. Get Recruited. Fulfill Your Dream.


Fewer than 7% of high school athletes will play in college. Only 2% will receive an athletic scholarship. The odds of being a college athlete are not very high.




You’ve invested years in your sport, and countless dollars in fees and equipment. You’ve always planned to play in college but now that it’s time to take action and get recruited you’re overwhelmed. What about finances? Are there recruiting rules? Why aren’t any college coaches calling me? And you’re whole family is crazy busy – there’s no time to figure this out.


Why does recruiting have to be so expensive?


Maybe you’ve looked at recruiting services but they charge hundreds of dollars and monthly fees. Read the reviews and you’ll quickly see only athletes who put in the effort to get recruited. College coaches don’t respond to recruiting services; they respond to you.


You probably won’t play in college, and surprisingly it isn’t because you lack talent.

You won’t play because you don’t understand the recruiting process.


As a college coach I spoke with thousands of high school athletes. Hundreds of athletes have reached out to me at The Recruiting Code. I know this is hard.


I wrote the NOTICE ME guide to make recruiting an easy step-by-step process.  All the direction you need to get started.


NOTICE ME is an affordable one time purchase.


No Risk. I am so confident coaches will respond that if you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your investment.


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The recruiting process can be confusing. You must be proactive and know what you are doing to get recruited. With a plan and a little hard work recruiting can be easy. NOTICE ME gives you a plan.



  • Tell you when to begin contacting coaches.
  • Teach you to confidently contact coaches through emails, phone calls, and campus visits.
  • Give you hints to decide at what level you will be a competitive athlete.
  • Show you how to create great exposure for yourself in game film, at showcases, and camps.
  • Let you know what to expect from college coaches.
  • Give you a commitment timeline.
  • Provide an email template for your important first email to a coach.

NOTICE ME is organized in simple action steps. Follow the steps and that is all you need to get recruited.


NOTICE ME is yours for one straightforward price. No more fees or commitments.


Nothing is mailed. Downloadable for instant access.


You only get one chance to live your dream. Don’t miss it!   Order Today!


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase let me know and I will refund your investment.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.