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I am Bryan Drotar, creator of The Recruiting Code. If you are student athlete hoping to play college athletics, this page is for you! Or if you are a parent helping your child find a college athletic program, this page is for you also! It contains the information you both need to get up to speed quickly and learn how to be proactive in the recruiting process.

The Recruiting Code: The process

There are no short cuts to being recruited. The purpose of The Recruiting Code is to give you the information you need about colleges, scholarships, and financial aid. It will also guide you through the recruiting process, things you should look for and how to understand what you are seeing.

I want you to love your collegiate athletic experience!

What The Recruiting Code is NOT:

The Recruiting Code is NOT a scholarship promise. Nothing in life comes easy. Getting a college scholarship is no different. You must put in the work on the athletic field and you must put in the work in the recruiting process.

  1. An athletic scholarship requires work from you and involves a bit of luck.
  2. The Recruiting Code is NOT a recruiting site that charges you money to do the work for you. It does not write your emails or send them to coaches for you. It does not do your resume. If you are dedicated to becoming a collegiate athlete, you can do a better job yourself. The “Ask Bryan” tab provides a forum for you to ask your questions and receive a thoughtful answer. I am like a coach pushing you to do your best, but I cannot take your place in the game.

The Recruiting Code: What to Expect

  • Information. Information. Information.
  • I have listed the posts you should read first. These will help you get up to speed quickly and set you up to master The Recruiting Code and to both understand and thrive throughout the recruiting process:
(1) An Athletes Simple Start to a College Search

An Athletes Simple Start to a College Search

How should you research colleges? What should you look for in a college? Here are a few priorities that can guide your search: distance of the college from home, academic considerations, the athletic program, and the values of the school (for example a religious school). Which of those are most important to you? …

(2) No Fear of the Recruiting Process: 2 Tips

Overcoming fear

One thing I know about the recruiting process, it is scary. Up to this point in your life, your decision about what to do after high school is probably the biggest decision you have had to make. For the first 18 years of your life you are in a bubble. The bubble has problems, but it is generally safe and more importantly it is known … Add to that your desire to continue to be a collegiate athlete … Will you be able make the transition to college sports? Will you be good enough? Will you be accepted by the players currently on the team? And how in the world will you figure out where to go? …


(3) First Contact with a College Coach

First Contact with a College Coach

What about being in contact with coaches? How does that work? Well actually, it works in so many ways that it is hard to detail. Coaches’ personalities and athletes’ personalities combine in lots of ways. There is no one right answer, but there are some guidelines that will help you out …

(4) 3 Tips to Stand Out at a Showcase

College Showcase

Your club coaches have stressed for you the importance of going to showcase events. Maybe you have already attended one or more. It is different than a tournament. At these events, you have probably heard from your coaches that you are showcasing your skills …


(5) College Sports Camps

College Sport Camps

If you could do one thing to create an opportunity to play sports at your dream school, what would it be? What would make sure a coach sees you play and knows you personally? How can you accomplish these two most important pieces to have a college coach say, “I would like you to be part of my team”? …

(6) Preparing a Recruiting Video

Recruiting Video

A video can be a good tool to have at your disposal.

A coach’s season and job are on the line with each recruiting class. Ideally a coach would much rather see you play in person. That said there are many reasons a video is a good idea. If a coach is not going to be able to see you play for several months, a film can be beneficial. If a coach asks you for film, then it becomes very important. Some coaches will use video as a filter to determine whether they want to communicate further with an athlete. The video won’t seal a roster spot, but it may be a very good introduction …

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