How to Get Recruited Guide

A New Place For Parents to Learn and Talk about Recruiting


We are excited to announce our new Recruiting Code Community on Facebook.

The recruiting process can be mysterious and confusing. Articles and information are great, but if you want to connect with other parents, college coaches, and other experts in the recruiting field we would love to have you join us. You can ask specific questions, discuss what works and what doesn’t, or just come and listen.

This is the place to be for parents and coaches to talk about college recruiting. Come learn from each other, share stories, and get information that will help your child become a college athlete.

If you have an athlete who is considering playing in college you have already done an amazing job!

Getting them recruited is the last obstacle you face. Now your job is to guide your athlete through the recruiting process.

* If you are frustrated because you don’t know how to guide them, this is the community for you.

* If you want to share stories of your successes and failures to help others, this is the community for you.

* If your child has been competing for years and you have questions about the “Next Level” this is the community for you.

I am so glad you have found The Recruiting Code and look forward to having you join us over at Facebook as well.

Come join our Facebook group, The Recruiting Code.

See you over there today,


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