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Athlete’s Edge Interview

Athlete’s Edge Interview

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Athlete's Edge

I was honored to be interviewed by Beth Jessop and the ladies at Athlete’s Edge. It was an incredible time bringing two very important ideas together for aspiring college athletes: Recruiting and Nutrition.

Follow the instructions on the picture above to listen to the replay any time. It is about 25 minutes.

After listening, find out more about the information from Beth on how to provide your athlete with an “unfair advantage” through nutrition, click here.

*Tranparency: Beth is selling Juice Plus+ at her site. I don’t personally use Juice Plus+. I do agree with Beth that athletes need proper nutrition and daily amounts of fruits and vegetables.

We spent time talking about the recruiting process as you would expect.

We also talked about nutrition. When talking about nutrition, most athlete’s eyes glaze over.

Why is it such a big deal?

If you want to have a distinct advantage over your opponents, it is with nutrition.

  1. Most collegiate athletes are working hard.
  2. Many are unwilling to make the effort to prepare themselves with their nutrition.

Athletes are always fighting against mediocrity in training sessions and games, and at the same time are willing to treat their body in a mediocre fashion by the way they eat.

Do you want an edge many athletes are unwilling to fight for?

Here is the simple answer: Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition.

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