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If  you want to be a college athlete...


If  you are frustrated because coaches are not calling you...


If  you are confused and do not know what to do next...


Then the How to Get Recruited Guide will give you a step-by-step plan to turn your talent into offers. There's a lot to learn about the recruiting process. How to Get Recruited condenses mountains of advice, and converts it to simple action steps that will get college coaches calling.


Because you have too much on the line to risk not getting recruited.

How do you get recruited?

The How to Get Recruited guide is written to help you grab the attention of college coaches so that they’ll recruit you. How to Get Recruited provides step-by-step instructions to:

Find Schools

Here’s how to find a school you love where your talent is a good fit.

Contact Coaches

Don’t wait for them to call you. Here are multiple ways to let them know you’re alive and interested.

Stand Out

Here’s what you do to let your talent and personality shine so you stand out from other recruits.

Signing Day 2018

"Whether it was sending out introductory emails to coaches, to follow up emails, to researching the differences between D1, D2, NAIA and D3, The Recruiting Code has it all. How to Get Recruited and the blog have been our go to for almost 2 years. My eldest was recruited by a couple of schools right away and I am happy to say she chose an NAIA school. She will be playing soccer for Siena Heights University in the fall. My youngest is still in the process but we feel confident, with the tools that we now have, that she will find a fit."

-Cristina P.

How to Get Recruited shows you:

How to start immediately with a plan so you don’t waste any more time.
How to know which coaches to contact so you discover the highest level your talent will take you and you love the school you pick.
How to contact coaches and provide the information they need. No more fear of the unknown. Just get it done.
How to create exposure through videos, showcases, and camps. You want coaches to remember you. Don’t be forgettable.
How to make a highlight video coaches will watch. Coaches don’t care about graphics and cheesy music. They want to quickly evaluate your talent.
How to avoid being overlooked at a showcase. You will be able to use a showcase the way it is meant to be used: to get yourself recruited.

How to Get Recruited Guide

How to Get Recruited

A step-by-step plan that works every time.

Create a player profile proven to give coaches exactly what they want.

Questions to ask college coaches so you get the answers you need.

A proven email template for your first email that will prompt coaches to call you.

100 digital pages.

How to Get Recruited Guide


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If you have an athlete who is considering playing in college you have already done an amazing job! Getting them recruited is the last obstacle you face. Now your job is to guide your athlete through the recruiting process.


If you’re frustrated because you don’t know how to guide them, How to Get Recruited gives you a step-by-step plan.


The average parent can expect to pay $57,000 for their child’s college education. By investing $79 you will create a large number of options so you and your athlete can choose the best college.



How to Get Recruited comes with my 110% unconditional money-back guarantee. The guide has all the information you need to confidently contact coaches and get them to start recruiting you. You have a lot at stake. I love to see athletes succeed! If the guide doesn’t help you know exactly which steps to take and doesn’t build your confidence, email me within 30 days. I am confident How to Get Recruited is what your family needs. In fact, I will gladly refund all of your money plus 10% if you are not satisfied!