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How can I get a college coach to want me?

How can I get a college coach to want me?

How can I get a college coach to want me?

A college coach will come across a thousand names and look into hundreds of those names. They will see a string of faces in their office all year. How can you stand out from a thousand other prospects?

Here is my definitive list:

  1. Be very talented. Be the best player in your city, state or even region. That should do it.
  2. Play with the best teams in the country, even if you have to move.
  3. Have a current player and an alumni or two of the schools you are interested in give the coach glowing recommendations about your abilities and character.
  4. Have parents with lots of money. Be able to afford any school in the country regardless of whether you are handed an athletic scholarship.
  5. Be a scholar athlete. Mind you, not just an “A” student. Get near perfect scores on the ACT and SAT.
  6. Make sure you have never done anything that would make a coach question your character, at least since you were two years old.

Don’t measure up to what a college coach is looking for?

The college coach isn’t giving you a hug and praising you as the best all-around recruit ever to walk through the door. Maybe life dealt you a different set of cards. Or you didn’t work hard enough, and you know it. Or you made a mistake. Or, maybe, you’re kind of ordinary. (Gasp!)

I have another list. The list for the rest of us. And every one of you can stand out in these ways.

Here is my other list that will definitely set you apart:

  1. Shake every adult’s hand firmly.
  2. Make eye contact with every adult you meet and do not break eye contact.
  3. Use complete sentences that involve more than one word.
  4. Speak clearly and don’t use slang.
  5. Listen to each adult as though what they have to say is important.
  6. Say “Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Mam, or No Mam”.
  7. Keep your phone in your pocket.

Do you know why these will set you apart? But at the same time I am quite sure most of you will never do them.

These are learned skills. You must practice them for years. They must become part of who you are. They cannot be faked.

Imagine sitting in the coach’s office. You’re staring at your shoes; mumbling, “I don’t know” to every question you’re asked. Then you get a text and have to check. No worries, mommy helps you out, speaking in complete sentences, telling the coach you’re a super-star. You plan to shine later, on the field or on the court. But right now you act as if you’d rather disappear, go unnoticed, be forgotten.

Maybe you’ll get your wish and the coach won’t even remember you were there.

Here is another article that will help you: 3 Reasons College Coaches Won’t Give You an Athletic Scholarship

If you want to shine start polishing today.

How to Get Recruited Guide: Got Talent. Get a Plan. Get RecruitedHow to Get Recruited


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