Interview With University of South Florida Men’s Tennis Coach

USF Men's TennisWelcome to Interview #83

I am pleased to share with you the wisdom of NCAA Division 1 Men’s Tennis Coach of the University of South Florida, Ashley Fisher.

Ashley Fisher was named the head coach of the USF men’s tennis program in July 2016 after serving as the assistant coach for one season. Fisher joined the USF men’s tennis program in 2016 after a long career as a touring professional, television broadcaster and coach.

Coach Fisher’s full bio is at the end of the interview.

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Let Them Lead

Molly GrishamThis is third in a three part series of guest posts by, Molly Grisham. Molly’s expertise is assisting teams and individuals to develop leadership skills. Her company is changing the dynamics of team leadership one team at a time.

Coaches, it is time to reevaluate the old models of captain led top down authority structures within your teams.  Without further delay, here is Let Them Lead by Molly Grisham:

Let Them Lead

A few months ago a well-respected college coach reached out to me about working with her team. She said they were coming off a good season but she was concerned about who her team leaders were going to be next year. The graduating seniors had been the core team leaders for several years and she wasn’t sure who was going to step up because they had relied on that class for so long. Read more

So You Want to Play in College?

So you want to play in collegeInterview #82 Part 2

In the first part of our interview with Cheri Naudin, she gave us incredible information about Verbal Commitments. Today she is going to tackle several issues including the role of the parent, how to recognize a good college fit and how to tell a good from a bad recruiting service.

Cheri Naudin is the owner of College Sports Advocates. She has been connecting high school players to college coaches for decades. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience working through the recruiting process. Her company is Collegiate Sports Advocate; a National Company designed to utilize their 40 years of Sports-Specific experience, guiding, consulting, recruiting, coaching, and training Student Athletes that desire to play Collegiate Sports.

What is your advice to parents throughout the recruiting process? What is their role?

This is the hardest part for parents to understand as it is a business on the back of their Student Athlete getting a valuable education and enjoying playing a game throughout the process. Parents want to insert themselves in and try to manipulate and sell their Student Athletes to the colleges. I have not met a College Coach, especially in the early recruiting side, that wants a parent calling or marketing their Student Athlete. Remember, this is where the parents fall down as they have a hard time taking off their parent glasses and seeing where their Student Athlete really “can” play. They are hopeful for the best possible outcome and usually by the Division not recognizing that their Student Athletes level of play is not to that particular standard.  Read more