Pursuit of Faith and the Finish Line

David NevillePursuit of Faith and the Finish Line

Welcome to Interview #77 Part 1. This is the first of a 2 part interview with David Neville. David is an Olympic Gold and Bronze medalist. He is currently the head track and field coach at NAIA, Taylor University.

Today, David shares his journey to the Olympics and his faith in Christ. You will want to check back for Part 2 of our interview (coming next Tuesday), in which David shares great advice to prospective college athletes.

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A Person of Influence

Molly Grisham

Welcome to this incredible interview, #76, with Molly Grisham. She is a former NCAA coach and athlete. She is now a successful entrepreneur, specializing in leadership development. She has a gift for assisting coaches and players to be the leaders they were meant to be. She is the owner and founder of a leadership development company, A Person of Influence.

Molly is my first second time interview. I first interviewed her almost two years ago when she was coaching at the University of Illinois Springfield. I knew even then, she was a thoughtful and engaging leader.

Coaches (college, club and high school), if you have pain points in the culture of your team, don’t quit reading until the end of this interview! To my thousands of coaching colleagues in L.A. with me this week for the NSCAA convention, have a great week!

Whether you are a coach, player or business leader you will find Molly’s thoughts stimulating and encouraging. Read on to the end and you will find a link to a free online course from Molly: “How to Have a Hard Conversation with your Coach”. Read more

3 Tips to Stand Out at a Showcase

College Showcase

Are you attending Showcases, maybe even this weekend?

Your club coaches have stressed for you the importance of going to showcase events. Maybe you have already attended one or more. It is different than a tournament. At these events, you have probably heard from your coaches that you are showcasing your skills. Teams like to win, but this is the one event in which winning is a secondary goal. The primary goal is for college coaches to see high school athletes and if they like what they see, to contact them.

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