Hi! I’m Bryan.

When I was a kid, teammates dreamed of hitting the game winning home run or scoring a World Cup goal (yes, I played baseball and soccer). While they were dreaming of their winning moment, I was more concerned with who I would put in each position to win our next game if I was the coach. I went on to coach high school, club, and college soccer for over 20 years. I love coaching.


Over the years I noticed students and parents considering college athletics, mired in confusion with unrealistic expectations, and making decisions with limited information. I have the heart of a coach and want every athlete to make a decision they will not regret.


So I created The Recruiting Code, the book, and the How to Get Recruited guide to help YOU achieve your goals. No more confusion. No unrealistic expectations. Tons of information. I have written articles so YOU understand scholarships, recruiting, and college athletics from a coach’s point of view. In the Interviews YOU can hear from the experts – college coaches who do recruiting every day – what they expect. In the How to Get Recruited guide, I created a step by step process YOU can follow.


Because recruiting shouldn’t be a mystery.


When I hear of athletes who started their journey at the kitchen table with my materials and wound up with a roster spot at a school they love, I know I’ve succeeded. Read. Learn. Buy the guide. Try the steps.


YOU can do it and you’ll be amazed by the results.



P.S. For those of you with an hour to spare, I was interviewed by Jason Arneson about my journey and about why I started  The Recruiting Code. It is a video interview.

ArnesonGuides Interviews




  • Hello Bryan,
    I found your site through a google search. My daughter is starting her junior year and plays volleyball on club teams since age 12. We have nit aggressively pursued the college recruiting process yet. Is it too late? We did go to a college showcase in February 2018 and a D1 coach advised us that she could play in college. Are we too late to get her recruited?

    • Hey Sharon,
      You are not too late. At the beginning of the junior year, most schools are still actively recruiting. The major D1 schools may be generally done, but if your daughter is good enough some of them will still have spots. Most other colleges are still actively recruiting juniors. I would suggest that you begin to actively start the recruiting process now. I would encourage you to scroll through the articles on this site. You will find a lot of useful information and tips to get started. Articles If you need a step by step plan, I have put one together and you can find it at How to Get Recruited
      If you have specific questions let me know.

  • Bryan,

    Had to leave a comment to say thank you for the valuable information on this site. My daughter is a rising 9th grade soccer player, and we are beginning to learn the landscape of recruiting as she wants to play in college. I found your blog via a Twitter post, and will be sure to pass the word/recommend this to other parents/kids. My daughter has a long way to go, but thanks to you for being a great resource as we get started.


  • Great site! Glad to see you here, Coach! My daughter enjoyed meeting you last fall. I’m happy we’ve “found” you again.


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