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Do you want to be confident you can get your child recruited to be a college athlete? Yes! That’s why you’re here!

Get Your Child Recruited

The Recruiting Code and the How to Get Recruited Guide help parents of high school athletes figure out the recruiting process so their child can become a college athlete without wasting thousands of dollars on a recruiting service or worrying their child will miss out on amazing opportunities.

You can figure out how to get your child recruited

If you fail to figure this out you’ll end up hiring a recruiting service to do what you could have done yourself.

Or…your child will have to accept the one bad offer they get from a college coach.

Or…your child’s dreams of being a college athlete will be destroyed. After graduation, your child will quit their sport. Forever.

But you can do this! The Recruiting Code is here to help.

What The Recruiting Code is NOT:

  1. The Recruiting Code is NOT a scholarship promise. I hate false promises of full-ride scholarships for every athlete. Those are lies. Nothing in life comes easy. Getting a college scholarship is no different. I can teach you what to do but the results will depend on the hard work you – and your child – are willing to put into recruiting. Plus a little bit of good luck.
  2. The Recruiting Code is NOT a recruiting site that charges you money to do the work for you. I do not write your emails or send them to coaches for you. I won’t create your athlete’s resume. If your child is dedicated to becoming a collegiate athlete, you can do a better job yourself. You don’t need a service. Instead, I am like a coach pushing you to do your best, but I cannot take your place in the game.

Feel confident about college recruiting

The Recruiting Code gives you the resources you need to replace your confusion and uncertainty with knowledge and confidence.

  • Read unbelievable articles that tell you exactly how to get your child recruited.
  • Plus you can read fantastic interviews with college coaches at every level from a variety of sports. Actual coaches telling you exactly what they’re looking for? Score.
  • I’ve written the How to Get Recruited Guide that takes all the ideas from this website and lays them out in a step-by-step format that is easy to follow. Every parent can help their child make college dreams come true. And the How to Get Recruited Guide costs A LOT less than a recruiting service. Because I don’t think you should go into debt just to get your child recruited.

Learn the basics of athletic recruiting

When you know the basics of recruiting, you can help your child contact the right coaches, in the right way, at the right time. Your athlete will start to hear back from college coaches – and offers will follow. Offers of athletic scholarships and roster spots – so your child becomes a college athlete.

Do not let yourself start to feel overwhelmed – that’s exactly the opposite of the way I want you to feel. Instead, start by reading these ten articles. Dive in and start learning.

1. First Contact With a College Coach

Coaches’ personalities and athletes’ personalities combine in lots of ways. There is no one right answer, but there are some guidelines that will help you out …

2. An Athlete’s Simple Start to a College Search

How should you research colleges? What should you look for in a college? Here are a few priorities that can guide your search…

3. When to Start a College Search

Figure out which division you expect your child to compete in and read on to discover when your child should begin reaching out to college coaches.

4. How College Coaches Find Players

Do you wonder how college coaches find players? How do they decide which games to watch? Where do coaches find your phone number? How do they even know your child is alive?

5. Help! I Got an Email From a College Coach

You have so many questions and feelings about the email. What should you do next? Let’s break down this email and what it means, because if your son or daughter has the talent to play in college you will receive introductory emails from coaches. What you do next is vitally important.

6. How an Email to a College Coach Can Open a Door or Slam it Shut

Your child should be proactive and email college coaches. Here’s what you need to know to make the email a great introduction.

7. Best Advice: Get a College Coach to Recruit You 

A compilation of 17 college coaches’ thoughts on what your child needs to do to be recruited. All the best advice in one place.

8. A Letter to Parents: The Struggle to Get Their Teenager to Contact College Coaches 

Teens hate deadlines and making phone calls. You know what I mean.

9. Are You Sure You Are Really Being Recruited? 

There are prospects and there are recruits. Do you know which category your child falls in?

10. Are you D1 or D2 Caliber? 

Wondering what level your child will be able to play at in college? Knowing what level your athlete is will help you find the best program for them.

Once you’ve read these, you’ll have a basic grasp of how to help your child get recruited. Now you can branch out on The Recruiting Code and read for hours. I recommend you read the interviews too. Even if a coach isn’t addressing your child’s sport, there are still great principles of recruiting tucked in there. Explore and have fun.

You can get your athlete recruited.

The college recruiting process is something ordinary parents and their athletes figure out how to navigate every day. You can too!

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