What is Unforgivable and Can Crush your Child?

Student LoansUnforgivable

No, I am not speaking of an action, a song, or the fact the coach did not play your child enough last game.

A student loan is unforgivable. Literally. Virtually every kind of debt can be erased through bankruptcy, but not the student loan. It will live on, even through bankruptcy.

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Big Change With the FAFSA

There are important changes you need to be aware of with regard to the FAFSA because it AFFECTS EVERYONE APPLYING TO COLLEGE AND TO THOSE ALREADY ENROLLED!

Big Change to FAFSAToday we have a special guest post by Jessica Peabody from All*Star Financial Aid to help us understand what is going on and what we need to do.

Big Change: When to Apply for College and Financial Aid

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A Bite of This Apple Could Crush You

college financesA Bite of This Apple Could Crush You!

You have been offered an athletic scholarship, maybe several. They are shiny and glitzy, like an apple offered to a princess. They make you swell with pride. Your dream is close at hand.

Wait before you reach for the shiny apple! We know from childhood fairy tales we should carefully examine the apple before taking a bite.

Sometimes there are issues athletes and their parents would rather ignore in the quest for the vaunted athletic scholarship and prized roster spot at your dream college.

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College Financial Facade: What You Need to Know

College Financial FacadeHow can you keep your finances on track while in college? Many students blow off financial responsibility during their college years. They don’t see how it is affecting them. They look only at the immediate and it appears they are doing just fine. It is often a facade.

What does this have to do with athletes and recruiting? Every student athlete will graduate from college or drop out. Has your time at school prepared you for life?

Reality sets in after college. And it is often not pretty because of the choices students make during their college years.

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Are Private Colleges Worth Considering?

Private CollegesOne of the decisions you will have to make as you narrow down your college search is whether you will attend a public or a private school. Many families rule out private schools before they begin their research. I believe this is a mistake. There are many benefits to going to a private school.

The major hurdle for most prospective students looking at where to go to college is the sticker price. Private schools carry with them a hefty price tag. We will look more at that in a bit.

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You Could Lose Your Athletic Scholarship

One year scholarshipsA scholarship offered

When you are offered an athletic scholarship it must be for four years, right?

Most Division 1 and all Division 2 athletic scholarships are one academic-year agreements. The college must notify a student by July 1 if they are going to renew the scholarship.

Wait, really?! That is correct. They don’t have to renew it. Ask each individual coach and institution their policy. If you don’t have appropriate skill, a bad attitude or an injury you may not fit into the program’s plans the following year. You are at the mercy of the coach each year, for your scholarship to be renewed the following year.

Control the Controllables

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Tuition and Student Debt are Rising


Tuition rates
Tuition Rates are Skyrocketing

Students and parents are finding college prices to be increasingly prohibitive. Today is not about answers. It is merely some quick facts I pulled off the web for you to contemplate as you make decisions about college. If you click on the picture it will take you to the site I pulled them from. At the bottom, I have linked to three previous posts.

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What is Work Study?

Working HardWhat is work study and how does it fit in with your education?

The Cost Doesn't Matter, Your Award Letter Says You Owe Nothing.

When your admissions counselor and the financial aid department put together your financial package their goal is for the awards on the page add up to the exact amount that you owe in tuition, room, and board. And amazingly enough it almost always does.

How can colleges make this dream a reality for every student? Well, they pull a slight of hand to get you to accept the financial package. It is after all you, and not the school, who will actually be reaching deep into the pocket.

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Is NCAA Division 3 a Good Option Athletically?

Cost of Division 3
Can only the rich afford to play Division 3?

Only the Rich Apply?

Is NCAA Division 3 a good option athletically? There are no athletic scholarships so it must be full of poor athletes who all must be rich to afford school without an athletic scholarship. Do you believe that? In another post I talked extensively about NCAA Division 3. Now I want to come back to Division 3 and talk more specifically about whether or not Division 3 is a good option financially and athletically.

Is there talent at Division 3?

Division 1 or 2 athletics may be more prestigious. If prestige and reputation will help you be fulfilled, definitely go this route. However, Division 3 schools have characteristics that might be very attractive to you. If you are not destined to become a Division 1 star, you may be more satisfied playing at a level where you can earn a starting position and a lot of playing time.

Division 3 athletics are not full of mediocre players. The players are very good and the competition is great. Division 3 athletes come from great club teams. Often they were the best players on their club and high school teams. You will be surprised if you believe that you can succeed at the Division 3 level with little work or talent.

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A Snapshot Into One NAIA Program's Scholarships

coffee-640647_640A Snapshot Into One NAIA Program's Scholarships.

As you contemplate whether you will get a "full ride" scholarship, take a peak behind the scenes of an actual team.

What are your odds to play in college? What are the odds you will receive an athletic scholarship?

Enjoy this peak behind the scenes. On Thursday, I have another amazing interview you won't want to miss. It is with an NAIA coach who is currently riding an 18 game win streak. Don't miss out on his advice on finding the right college fit for you!

Six Percent

Six percent of all high school athletes will play collegiately. Even fewer are awarded any form of athletic financial aid. The percentage of high school athletes who play collegiately and are awarded athletic financial aid drops to just two percent. This includes the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.

For scholarships, most college sports are called Equivalency sports. Football and basketball are exceptions. There are a couple of other exceptions as well. Equivalency sports are those sports in which the coaches have a certain dollar amount that can be split among multiple athletes in any proportion they choose. What does this actually mean? Well, it means a full scholarship is rare. It is in the coach’s best interest to get as many high caliber athletes as possible and so the pot is divided.

Most NAIA schools give out some athletic scholarships. The amount, however, varies by institution and sport.

Scholarship Amounts

Would you like to see the cover pulled back on a typical roster to see what the players were actually receiving per year in athletic scholarships? The information provided here is from my women’s soccer team during the course of one year.

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