How to Get Recruited Guide

Recruit or Prospect?

When college coaches are looking at your high school student athlete, are they seeing a recruit or a prospect?

There are two types of players that are on the radar screen for college coaches.


The players in the center of the coach’s radar screen are called “Recruits.” These are the players that a coach is interested in. What makes a “Recruit?” How do you know you are a recruit?

If the coach has expressed interest in you, you are a recruit. Here are some clear indications that a coach is interested in you:

  • The coach or assistant coach has contacted you.
  • They have invited you for a campus visit.
  • They have encouraged you to take the necessary steps to be admitted and play on their team.
    • Apply to the school
    • Send in your ACT/SAT scores
    • Send in your transcripts
    • Register with either the NCAA or NAIA eligibility center (except for NCAA Division 3, no eligibility center is required).


What kind of player is on the edge of the radar screen?

The term for these students is “prospect.” A prospect is a living, breathing student that competes in athletics. All high school students are considered prospects. Coaches obtain names from showcase events, high schools, recruiting websites, their admissions department, and various other methods.

Coaches will often send out hundreds or even thousands of emails out to “prospects.” The material sent out will ask you for an action step such as filling out a questionnaire. Coaches are fishing for a select few athletes that have these three things in common:

  • May be interested in their school
  • May add value to their program
  • The coach has not seen them play

Is there hope?

It is great to be a “Recruit,” but what about if you are a “Prospect?” Is there hope?

Sure there is. The coach is fishing for players that have been overlooked. I would encourage you to fill out the questionnaire and send the coach a personal email. There is no guarantee the coach move you to the status of “Recruit.” But there is a high probability that they will take a look at you, just because you have taken the time to express interest.

Whether you are being recruited or are a prospect, my best advice is to be Proactive! Opportunities come to those who reach out and grab them!

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Only 7% of all high school athletes are able to experience the life changing experience of college athletics. If your passion is to play in college, you need a plan to get there.

How to Get Recruited

How to Get Recruited: Got Talent. Get a Plan. Get Recruited.




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