How to Get Recruited Guide

Finding Your College Home

Welcome to Interview #124 with Coach Chris Langan all about how you can find your college home. Chris also gives details on how Felician Baseball finds players and allots scholarships.
 Chris Langan is the head baseball coach at NCAA D2 Felician University. He has been the head coach at Felician since the 2004 season. He has led the Golden Falcons to 12 Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference Tournament berths and two championships, along with four NCAA Regional appearances. Chris has also won CACC Coach of the Year four times. Coach Chris played college baseball at Bloomfield College and Kean University. If you want to read more about Chris Langan or Felician Baseball, you can click here. But, for now, lets get right into the interview and learn about how you can find your home away from home!

Recruiting Basics and Finding Your Home

What can or should high school athletes do from their end to get on your radar screen? If an athlete personally contacts you by phone or email, what will you do next?
 Athletes that have interest in Felician [University] baseball should reach out to us via email or text/call  and give us all the information needed to start a good dialogue. (I.e grades, metrics, contact info). This will help us get a feel for a potential fit within the program.

We pride ourselves in getting back to the athletes who contact us so expect a response back and a fair chance to get on our radar.

What do recruits need to think about to find a college that is the right fit for them?
 Potential student athletes need to find the school that fits all the needs and wants of their college experience.  Academically, socially, and athletically find the place that feels like home and has a strong level of comfort, cause it’s your “home” for the next four years.  Find the right staff that will help mentor, nurture, demand, and push you to give the best efforts on and off the field.
Could you share in whatever detail you are comfortable, what the athletic scholarship break down looks like on your roster? What is allowed by NCAA D2 for men’s baseball?
 NCAA D2 fully funded programs can award 9 scholarships. I’d say Felician in particular would spend our money on the mound and then spend on the needs we have identified for the the particular class. The needs change yearly, so it is hard to pinpoint exactly. But keeping us athletic and strong up the middle are always a key to recruiting.

Having Hard Conversations

Hard conversations are a part of life and, especially, sports. In my experience coaches and players see these interactions as negative. How can they be positive?
 Part of the developmental process is hearing negative comments like criticism to help better your self- evaluation on the situation.  Take this time to reflect and understand the message behind it and use it to further develop yourself as an individual. Realize without the failure there won’t be the success and motivation to keep striving for more.

Standing Out at Showcases and Camps

What are College ID camps? What are their importance? Can anyone go or is it an invite only camp?
College ID camps are designed to help coaches and players evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the particular player.  In these evaluations we can help gauge where we feel a certain player will fit and if we think we can tap into or project more from that player.
ID camps are generally open to all potential college student athletes and are great tools to help gauge the level of play for each participant.
When you go out and recruit what kind of events do you go to and why?
Wherever we can see the most players and interested players are the events we target and attend each recruiting season.  Bottom line get out and play and communicate with coaches, and coaches will be out to watch.
What should an athlete do prior to, during, and after a showcase event to maximize their chance of being recruited?
Michael Gutierrez (Photo: Jim Stankiewicz)

Prior to events or games coming up I would recommend an introductory email or text highlighting all the info the prospective athlete wants us to know.  After the event take the time to shake hands and have a conversation. After a couple days follow up with emails and or texts about questions to see where you may stand or what’s the next step..

What are some tips you have for prospective student-athletes to stand out or get noticed at a Showcase event?
During the event I would say hustle and effort are big standouts to getting noticed. Many guys on my lists get separated because of hustle or the lack of it!!

Advice for Incoming Freshman

What advice do you have for recruits on how to prepare for their freshmen year in a college baseball program?

My advice for the incoming freshman is to expect to work extremely hard on and off the field. They need to realize that they are part of a group that needs each member working together to accomplish the

Senior CF/LHP  Mike Martinez     (Photo: Dave Schofield)

success that’s wanted. They are in control of the journey and how bad they want it will play a large part in the outcome.

What are typical things you wish incoming freshmen realized or knew before they arrived on campus?
 I wish guys would realize it’s a fast four years and tomorrow could be the last game you play. So really enjoy the experience and leave it all on the field.  Realize it’s going to be a bumpy road but quitting isn’t an option. Compete till the end.  Lastly, realize without failure there is no success !!

Final Advice on Finding Your Home

Bonus Question: Is there anything important that you would like to share directly with high school athletes as they navigate the recruiting process?
Feel at home with your choice and find the place that best fits and helps you reach goals your goals.