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Everything You Need to Know so

Your Teen Can Be a College Athlete

(without wasting time, spending thousands, or missing out on opportunities)

How to get recruited




A step-by-step plan to help your teen confidently contact college coaches, market themselves consistently, and create exciting options for their college career.


I purchased your recruiting guide and read the whole thing the moment I got it (and referred back to it more times than I can count as we went through the process).

I purchased other “guides” as well, but none even came close to the detail and the information you provided.

My son committed a little over a month ago and now doesn’t have to worry. He can play and enjoy his senior year.

So, THANK YOU for all the information you provided. For my son and my family, it paid off tremendously.

Scott, Father of a future Division I Soccer Player

Feeling overwhelmed by all the recruiting information online?

Tired of wasting hours figuring out what to do first?

Wondering if you're going to have to spend thousands on a recruiting service?

Worried your athlete is going to miss an oppurtunity at a dream program?

"If Your Teen's a Great Athlete They'll Get Recruited."

Turns Out That's Not True.

You’ve heard stories about athletes who have college coaches watching them.

You’ve heard the rumors about their scholarship offers.

You’ve seen pictures of them signing their Letter of Intent.

Must be nice…

You don't know how to make that happen.

You’re laying out $$$ for tournaments and showcases. 

Your phone’s cluttered with recruiting apps.

It seems all you get are mass mailings sent to thousands of other athletes.

College coaches aren’t watching your teen. Coaches aren’t calling.

It’s like there’s a secret to college recruiting and no one will tell you.

What if you could show your teen exactly what to do to get recruited and become a college athlete?

Find a program that's a perfect fit. Talk to the coaches. Stand out from the crowd. Get recruited. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Want to know exactly how to get your athlete recruited?

Learn how to have college coaches recruit your teen


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Spending hours researching online

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Breaking recruiting rules when you contact coaches

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Missing important deadlines

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Throwing away showcase opportunities

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Regretting the offer your teen accepts

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Resorting to a cookie cutter approach that gets ignored

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Spending thousands on a recruiting service to do it for you

...You don't even have to have any



A plan that actually works.

College coaches are looking to discover new talent.

They’re watching hundreds of other athletes. Your teen needs to stand out from the crowd and be seen.

Your athlete is ready to get their attention.

But HOW?


The How to Get Recruited Guide

Everything you need to know so your teen can become a college athlete.

A proven plan for parents and athletes who are ready to take action and put in the hard work to get recruited.

"We were helpless in not knowing if we were doing the right thing"

When Joe V. began the recruiting process with his son he didn't know where to begin or how to help. In his words they were "helpless in not knowing if we were doing the right thing in getting my son a chance to live his dreams as a football kicker and punter.''

That’s when they found The How to Get Recruited Guide. “It provided more information than most of the recruiting services that did not guide you, and gave you step-by-step of what the parents and student can do.”
Now Joe and his family understand that it takes hard work and teamwork. And what does life look like now that they are working through The How to Get Recruited Guide? Now they know the process and understand what their athlete needs to do. And, “We know that finding the right school is the best thing rather than going to a prestigious Ivy League school. What matters is the education and serving his community to the best of himself.

Joe, Father of a Football Kicker and Punter

Here's what you get in the "How to Get Recruited Guide"

Learn How to Get Recruited by a College Coach

How to Get Recruited Guide

How to Get Recruited Guide
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"We didn’t know there was a problem"

When Mark and his daughter Zadie started the recruiting process, they weren't taking Division 3 seriously. The main problem in Mark's words, "We didn’t know there was a problem."

But The Recruiting Code “offered a different perspective,” helping them realize how many options were out there. Now Zadie is happily committed to Covenant College, a Division 3 school.

Mark, Father of a Division 3 Athlete

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"broken down into very simple steps"

Aloha Bryan – Thank you so very much for a very informative guide that we've been preaching for years to our parents and student athletes. 

You’ve broken it down into very simple steps that everyone, most importantly, the student athlete can follow. I love the “activity” that’s provided at the end of every chapter/section; a hands on approach. This will help us to help our student athletes who come from a predominantly, low-income community and single parent homes, absent parent (both parents work 2-3 jobs) to survive here in Hawai’i.

We appreciate this so very much! God bless”

HAIA Foundation

Signing Day 2018 - Genesis

The Recruiting Code
has it all.

Whether it was sending out introductory emails to coaches, to follow up emails, to researching the differences between D1, D2, NAIA and D3, The Recruiting Code has it all.

How to Get Recruited and the blog have been our go to for almost 2 years. My eldest was recruited by a couple of schools right away and I am happy to say she chose an NAIA school. She will be playing soccer for Siena Heights University in the fall. My youngest is still in the process but we feel confident, with the tools that we now have, that she will find a fit.

Cristina, Mother of a NAIA Athlete


How to Get Recruited comes with my 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. The guide has all the information you need to confidently contact coaches and get them to start recruiting your child. You and your athlete have a lot at stake. I love to see athletes succeed! If the guide doesn’t help you know exactly which steps to take and doesn’t build your confidence, email me within 30 days. I am confident How to Get Recruited is what your family needs. In fact, I will gladly refund all of your money if you are not satisfied!


The guide is 107 digital pages, covering topics from finances, to finding colleges, to contacting coaches. It also has 6 bonuses, including a sample email template, sample player profile, questions to ask, and recommended resources.

When you purchase you will be emailed a link to download the guide. You can read it on any computer or mobile device. You can also print it out – whatever works best for your family!

Yes, we have a 110% money back guarantee. We are so confident that you’ll love the guide that we’ll give you not just all your money back but also an additional 10% of the purchase price. 

The How To Get Recruited Guide is designed for athletes of all sports.

Yes! The How to Get Recruited Guide is not designed for the top high school athletes who are being featured on ESPN. Rather, it is designed for other athletes who are not sure how to get college coaches to notice and recruit them. This will work for athletes looking at Divisions 1, 2, and 3, NAIA, and junior colleges.

The initial reading of the guide and completion of the action steps will only take a couple weeks. We recommend committing to spend 2-4 hours a week for four weeks, working through the guide. After that you can continue to use the guide as a reference point and information source throughout your recruiting journey.

A recruiting service can do a lot of the leg work for you. However, the one thing they cannot do is develop personal relationships between coaches and the athlete. The How to Get Recruited Guide teaches you exactly how to form relationships with coaches, which is key to getting the best possible offer. The guide is a perfect complement to a recruiting service. In fact, the information we provide here at the Recruiting Code is so important we have employees of recruiting services who read our articles. This is stuff you need to know!


The How to Get Recruited Guide will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, over the cost of a recruiting service.

Instead of mystery rates, constant upsells, and no idea what you’ll really spend…

You can buy the How to Get Recruited Guide for a simple, upfront, one-time price of $129.

Invest $129 and that’s it. I want this to be an easy yes for you!


Bryan Drotar profile pictureMy name is Bryan Drotar and I coached women’s college soccer for 14 years. I spent more than 20 years coaching high school, club teams, and working as a club director.

I also took my turn coaching rec soccer. Who doesn’t love watching 5 year olds picking clover, picking their noses, and celebrating their first goal ever? That’s joy.

But as a college coach I saw overwhelmed high school athletes and their parents making serious mistakes.

They missed great opportunities. They took on enormous debt. And sometimes their choices made them miserable.

I don’t want your athlete to make those mistakes.

Your teen deserves a college experience that:

  • Boosts their confidence
  • Uses their talent
  • Protects them mentally and physically
  • Provides leadership opportunity
  • Creates lasting friendships
  • Helps them stick it through to graduation
  • And prepares them for a great future

That’s WHY I created The Recruiting Code.

I want you to have everything you need to help your teen become a college athlete and find a program that’s the perfect fit.

Is that what you want for your teen? Are you ready to buy the How to Get Recruited Guide and get started now?