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Results and Responsibility

Playing Sports in College: Be Ready!

Are you thinking about playing sports in college? Well you better be prepared for the two R’s: Results and Responsibility.

Playing sports in college is about RESULTS

While many of your former teams were result oriented, collegiate athletics truly are about the results. College coaches must produce wins and successful athletes to maintain their jobs. This is especially true at the division 1 level.

On every team there is a desire to win, a desire for a good result. Some coaches stress winning more than others over the years. Along with winning, must come player development. High schools and club coaches spend a lot of time developing the player. Development is key for players to progress along the way.

In college, the environment is much more results oriented. As a player, you have been brought into the program for one primary objective and that is to produce results. College coaches will develop a player’s fitness and they will spend a lot of time working on the tactical part of the sport.

“The intensity and level of training on a year round basis is the biggest difference between college and high school. A number of athletes come out of high school as the top athlete in their program. Here they will find themselves with 20 other top athletes. They will get pushed much harder in training and competition. They need to be prepared both mentally and physically.”

Coach Dan Mecca, Track & Field Manhattan College

When you are recruited, the college coach knows you are not a finished product, but they have brought you in to perform. If you are not the best, you will sit on the side and watch others. If you cannot get it done, you will get passed by.

College is Performance Time

College coaches are unconcerned with whether you are a freshmen or a senior. The best players set foot on the playing surface regardless of class. In high school there are drastic physical and mental differences between freshmen and seniors. The differences in college matter far less than they did in high school.

Don’t be put off by the pressure to produce results. Rise to the challenge.

Playing sports in college is about RESPONSIBILITY

College coaches expect you to be grown up. Responsibilities are bigger on and off the field or court. You are expected to perform both in sport and in the classroom.

College coaches have the luxury of having fewer spots than the number of athletes who are battling for them. This is true during the recruiting process. It remains true when you are on the roster. Not only are you competing with the current roster, you are also competing against the next recruiting class; players you’ve never seen. For four years your coach will be seeking a player who can outperform you.

Coaches expect you to be self-motivated. Collegiate athletes who don’t push themselves independently will not have successful careers.

“You will learn that sometimes you can work as hard as you know how and still be disappointed. Work hard anyway. You will learn how to deal with things out of your control such as injuries playing tie, and not being the best on a team. There is only one best player on a team, but there can be lots of leaders and culture builders. You will definitely learn how to balance your time and set priorities, how to take care of your body, mind, and soul.”

Coach Jane Albright, Retired Division 1 Basketball Coach (Seattle University)

Coaches expect you to manage your time, to eat correctly, sleep enough, and study. And you are expected to do this without a mom, dad, or coach always looking over your shoulder.

Student athletes who are self-motivated will succeed in college, both in the classroom and in sport. Those who don’t will get left behind. Being talented and smart are not good enough at this level. There are a lot of talented and smart student athletes.

Prepare now to take on the responsibility to produce the results college coaches are expecting.

playing sports in college
Results and Responsibility Pay Off

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